We developed a rebrand campaign for The Generic Pharmaceutical Association, now named Association for Accessible Medicines, which put people first.  We cast nationwide for stories about people who's lives have been improved by having access to generic medicines.  We absolutely loved traveling the country, capturing patient testimonials for AAM - it felt like a true cause. These stories are real and having access to affordable medicine is a thread that will carry our team into many peoples lives and homes. Cat Eye Pro produced issue and brand spots, stills, digital ads, radio and out-of-home to round out the campaign.

Association for Accessible Medicines "Raeanne" 1:20

Association for Accessible Medicines "Doug" 1:43

Herbalife "Hoop Dreams" :30

Producer for longtime partners ENGINE Pictures. Agency: SKDKnickerbocker. Gary Grieg, Matthew Herath and I traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico and got to know William and his family. William couldn't have been more welcoming and hospitable, and shared a most sincere and touching interview. We got an ace local PM, Brent Morris and found a beautiful desert basketball court by sheer instinct & sleuthing - so far out in the sticks it wasn't on google maps.

Association for Accessible Medicines "Michelle" 1:48

Association for Accessible Medicines "McKenzie" 1:50