Cat Eye Productions is a video + stills production collaborative whose mission is to create high quality, women-powered content with smarts + heart.


Cat Eyes: Rachel C. Holmes

 is an Emmy-Nominated producer and graduate of Wellesley College with over 15 years of production experience + contacts.  A natural networker, she brings creative, technical and business talent together to make projects (fun and) successful.  Rachel champions projects big and small that explore human emotion, education and history and has a special interest in stories that celebrate life, arts, kids and adventure.  She loves rocking out at concerts, cooking, and going to the beach with her husband, identical twins and dog Bruce Wayne.









Key Collaborator: Christoph Green


is a director, motion graphics designer, dp and editor who brings his artistic eye and aesthetic to everything he does.  Credits include co-creator of the music series Burn to Shine, multiple Wilco film projects, and working with Eddie Vedder, Death Cab for Cutie, Deerhoof, The Black Keys, Pearl Jam and many others to create concert films and shorts.  A graduate of MICA, he’s a true collaborator and one of our favorites.





Key Collaborator: Katie Schuler


is a director/dp/editor who works at the nexus between art, entrepreneurship, community development and conservation. A recipient of the Henry Luce Fellowship, she has traveled to over 22 countries documenting wildlife and their habitats. Katie is dedicated to telling stories that educate and inspire audiences to engage with the world around them. Katie continues to adapt to new media strategies and is an early adopter of high-speed imaging, animated graphics and 3D virtual reality. When she's not making films, she is busy biking around D.C., hanging with her dog Bullseye or dancing Lindy Hop.


Books: Krista Weymouth

 develops and implements the operations and bookkeeping systems for Cat Eye Productions.  She believes that anything that works well has a system.  Krista has worked for over 10 years in the financial services industry at banks, retail brokers, as partner and COO of a hedge fund. She enjoys exploring and chasing around DC with her husband and two small children, travel, dining, and reading every good novel she can get her hands on.