So...why women-powered?

Check out this crew photo from Wilco’s Solid Sound Festival documentary project in 2013.  While this was one of my all-time favorite projects (what’s not to love – music, art, an amazing team), this is what our world looks like a lot of the time.  I’m it – woman…producer…taking care of the details.  Women Directors? DPs? Grip – Electrics? Sound…..that’s a rarity in our market.  I can count on one hand the number of Keys I have worked with in over 18 years who are women…here in our nation’s capital. 

In 2016 I was producing a panel for SXSW with Paula Kerger and Geena Davis about Gender in Media and discovered that just 6% of directors (in Hollywood) were women (2014 data.)  The panel was canceled but my sense of purpose within our industry was ignited. How could it be that empowering women to creatively lead projects, compose shots, light a scene, engineer audio is an innovation?  It's time to change that. 


Does this mean “no boys allowed!” Absolutely not.  There is so much talent in the District we are not exclusive.  We have Writers, Directors, DP’s, Composers & Editors on our team that are A+, superstar, reliable, go-to-guys.